Dress Code Reminder

As we enter the Spring season we would like to remind the families of the Rangeview Dress Code. This can be found on page 14 of the Student Handbook.

Students at Rangeview High School are expected to dress for academic success. All staff members are requested to strictly enforce the following building dress code policy:

  • Student ID’s must be worn a t all times while on APS property.
  • No hats, no headgear during the academic day: to include but not limited to, ball caps, stocking hats, bandanas, do- rags, hair nets, beanies, sweatbands, visors, and any other garment or article that may be worn on the head or around the neck. Exemptions must be requested through the deans’ office on a case-by-case basis.
  • SHORT SHORTS / SHORT SKIRTS more than 3” above the kneecap may not be worn unless leggings or  tights are worn. Leggings and tights are considered undergarments and cannot be worn alone.
  • HALTER TOPS, TUBE TOPS, SPAGHETTI STRAPS, LOW CUT TOPS exposing cleavage, BARE MIDRIFF OR SHOULDERS, PAJAMAS, or LINGERIE are not permitted and applies to both genders.
  • Exposed underwear (boxers, bras, thongs, etc.) is not allowed.
  • Clothes with offensive puns, language or graphics (including music groups or product names) or which are alcohol or drug related are not allowed.
  • Clothes that have gang affiliation or that are identical or similar to other students - other than school related - are not allowed.
  • Certain belt buckles, “dangling” belts, and shaved eyebrows are not allowed.
  • Sunglasses, including dangling or on top of the head, may not be worn inside the school  building.
  • Gloves may not be worn or dangling from pockets, etc. inside the building.
  • Students may wear graphic representations of flags but may not wear or display flags of any country.
  • Students must wear hard-soled, street appropriate shoes. House slippers regardless of sole are not allowed.
  • Any attire determined by a staff member to be distracting to the academic environment or pupil
    behavior in or about the school will not be permitted regardless of current fashion trends.
  • These rules apply any time a student is on campus or at any school activity.

Any clothes not listed but deemed inappropriate will not be allowed. Students whose clothing violates these rules will not receive an additional warning, but will be given an appropriate consequence on the first offense. When the third Dress Code violation is reached, students will attend a required seminar that takes place after school and/or on Saturday.