SLO Days

We will be having SLO Days (Student Learning Outcome) throughout the year to assess the learning outcomes we should expect from our students. Listed below are the SLO Day dates; during the SLO Days for each listed department one grade level will meet with their counselors in place of attending their class in that department.  Entire departments will meet on these days to reflect upon and improve their instruction. Students not meeting with counselors will have an off period in place of that subject’s class, and will need to be in the Commons or Media Center. Signs will be posted telling students which rooms to report to on their assigned days.

* Student assistants will have their supervising teacher’s SLO day as an off period*

SLO Day’s Calendar 2016 - 17

Date Dept. SLO Student Advisory
Friday Feb 17, 2017 WL/CTE  
Tuesday Feb. 21, 2017 Math/ESS Math 9th Grade
Wednesday Feb. 22, 2017               Art/Perf Arts               
Thursday Feb. 23, 2017 Social Studies 10th Grade
Friday Feb. 24, 2017 Phys. Ed  
Tuesday Feb 28, 2017 English / ESS English 12th Grade
Wednesday March 1, 2017 Special Services Providers                   
Thursday March 2, 2017 Science 11th Grade