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Winter Concert Donations

In December the Rangeview Choir held its annual winter concert. During this time they choose a Rangeview community member that has challenging times and raises money for their financial needs. This year we found out about Sarah. Sarah Manzanares is a senior at Rangeview.  Three weeks ago she had a bad back ache and decided to go to the doctor.  They found a tumor encasing her heart.  They can't operate until they shrink the tumor.  Because of the time for treatment lots of people are missing work and will continue to miss work to take her to appointments and be with her for what she needs.  She does have insurance, but her family is dealing with lots of co-pays. Sarah is in Rangeview Academy and hopes to one day become an Oncology nurse.

Thanks to the amazing outpouring of love we raised $1200 for Sarah and her family.

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Choirs Perform In Nebraska Festival

On November 5th, 2016, Rangeview Show Choirs set on their way to go compete at the Old West Show Choir Festival in Alliance, Nebraska. Being 2 out of 20 groups to perform, both were high crowd pleasers. Rhapsody, Rangeview's All-Women's Show Choir, won a silver with an empowering set with the songs "Pocketful of Sunshine," "Red," and "Lips Are Movin'." Chromatics, Rangeview's Mixed Show Choir, won a gold with an energized set that included the songs "Can't Stop the Feeling," "Just Like Fire," and "Don't Stop."


RHS STEM Student Featured

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Rangeview Senior Yonas Bayu is featured in an article by Chalkbeat. Chalkbeat highlights education news from around the country. Yonas is featured about his aspirations to solve water system problems in Ethiopia. To read complete article - click here. To support his goals he has had Principals of Engineering, Digital Electronics, AP Computer Science, & AP Environmental Science. We look forward to the great things this driven young man will do in the future.

You’ve Been “Mugged”

A sense of feeling welcome and belonging are important to making a school successful. This applies to the faculty as well and should never be forgotten. Jacquie Ryan in the Art department commonly "Mugs" new teachers and staff that just need a good "Mugging." Her mugs have become a treasure by staff and they have to watch that others don't help themselves to a favorite mug. If a staff member is feeling down or just needs a lift they are always welcome in Art where they will be "Mugged" and given a nice cup of coffee. This is the energy and Joy that she brings to her ceramics classroom every day and it no wonder that it is a favorite class of many students.

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6:30 AM Class?

LINK Crew is a national organization that dedicates upperclass mentors to helping freshmen transition to the high school environment. From Freshmen Orientation and Back to School Night to monthly support lessons and consistent communication, the Link Leaders help to provide guidance and leadership all year to the freshmen. Meeting before school at 6:30am, this group of 85 energetic and positive role models also help connect in the community by helping tutor at Vassar Elementary, Century Elementary, provide school tours of RHS, assist with open house events at the middle schools, and facilitate our "Man Up" and "Girl Rising" community workshops. They have nominated and chosen by select teachers to be the best role models at RHS, year in and year out.

LINK Sponsor - Ryan Sladek

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