Important Attendance Information

Be Here LogoIn hopes of improving Rangeview attendance we are taking steps to provide better support for both our students and teachers to help making getting to class on time and actively engaging in classroom activity a priority. One way we will be working to repair our attendance, tardy and truancy issues will be to provide resources for our students to learn time and task management and  we will be actively enforcing our attendance policy. We encourage you to review our attendance policy in the student handbook.

In effort to aid this focus, our RHS Progress Monitors and Campus Monitors will be conducting hall sweeps and commons checks to assure that student are where they are supposed to be. Students will be issued consequences for being tardy or truant while on the campus.

Things students need to remember:

  • Students must have their ID on them at all times.
  • All students ID’s must indicate what their off periods are (This can be done in the attendance office).
  • Being truant/tardy may result in in-house suspension/detention.
  • Students who are tardy to their first period class will result in them spending the remainder of the hour in the lecture hall.
  • Students who come back to campus late from lunch risk having their principals pass revoked.
  • Students trying to leave campus without a principal’s pass will be issued consequences.
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Rangeview Purpose Statement:

A Commitment to Excellence – Measurably delivering beyond expectations.

We develop and honor the curiosity of our students by uncovering their passion and motivation to learn in a fun and relevant environment, creating dynamic citizens who will strengthen their community and add to the narrative of Rangeview High School.

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