Five Rangeview Students Selected Daniels Scholarship Winners


Five Rangeview students were selected as Daniels Scholarship Winners today marking a record high for Rangeview High School. Seniors Nina Bombole-Boimbo, Victor Lee, Onye Ozoma, Vincent Tran, and Faven Woldetatyos won the prestigious scholarship.  

“It’s a mixture of emotions,” said winner Faven Woldetatyos who is deciding between Northwestern and a host of Ivy League schools for her future. “I’m partly numb, it’s crazy to believe that this burden is gone, it’s just gone, it’s vanished. I’m just so grateful to God, my family, and Rangeview.”  

The other four winners are in different stages of their college decision making process. Ozoma is deciding between Stanford and Yale, while Bombole is selecting from a list including Boston College among others.  

“I’m so elated for our students. It is an honor well-deserved for their four years of exceptional hard work,” said College and Career Center Coordinator Betty Gessesse.  

Winner Victor Lee is considering Georgia Tech among a host of other schools and counselor Ann Atencio described him as “an incredible young man with a big heart” and “more than deserving of the award.”  

The Daniels Fund provides students the opportunity to obtain a four-year college education at any accredited nonprofit college or university in the United States with full financial and personal support throughout the process.  

“We had more access for our students and the constant support from the college & career center has provided them more opportunities,” continued Gessesse.  

Most of the applicants worked with their counselors and Gessesse in the process, who even set up mock interviews for the scholars with administration to prepare them.

 “When I was a freshman, everyone said Rangeview was a family and I scoffed at it,” explained Woldetatyos. “But now I see it. The adults are just, well, cool. Everybody is just always there to support and help.”  

Rangeview had the third highest number of finalists in the state for the prestigious scholarship. Last year, the class of 2016 featured three Daniels’ winners.