Academic Dishonesty Policy

At Rangeview High School, we strive to produce productive citizens who ground themselves in integrity. Often, this trait begins to develop throughout your schooling experience- specifically as it relates to academic integrity. As a parent or guardian, you can help support your student in maintaining their academic integrity by first having a conversation with them about what it looks like and some of the consequences that could result from being academically dishonest. Below is Rangeview High School's Academic Dishonesty Policy. 


Academic dishonesty as defined by our safe school’s policy is: Untruthful or deceptive behavior in connection with academics, including plagiarism, cheating on tests or assignments or changing grades without authorization.   


  • Looking on another’s paper during a test/quiz
  • Allowing someone to look at your paper during a test/quiz.
  • Copying, using text-messages, verbally sharing, or using a cell phone camera to share any ideas or items on a test, quiz, or assignment.
  • Using any kind of notes or information to complete a test or quiz without the instructor’s permission.
  • Turning someone else’s work as your own.
  • Allowing another to turn in your work as their original work whether in part or as the whole assignment.
  • Misrepresenting information from another source as your own whether it’s a phrase, sentence, or paragraph.
  • Sharing/showing another student a test, quiz, or assignment that another student has not completed.
  • Asking another student to show you a test, quiz, or assignment you have not completed.
  • Turning in work done with others when the assignment was to be completed independently.
  • Buying, stealing, or borrowing someone else’s work and claiming it as your own work. For example, using/accessing someone’s server file to copy that person’s work.
  • Selling any portion of your work for another student to use.
  • Hiring someone to write your paper or do your assignment.
  • Seeking credit for work that is not your own.

CONSEQUENCES of Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty:
Students who do any of these identified behaviors is violating the Rangeview High School Honesty Code. The consequences of the behavior will be as follows:


A zero on the assignment, test, or quiz with no opportunity to make up the work for credit.


A zero on the assignment, test, or quiz with no opportunity to make up the work for credit AND referral by an RHS Faculty member to the Dean of Students and documentation into the Infinite Campus conference log.
Parent notification will be made in all circumstances. Multiple offenses of any of the above may result in failing a class.