Scheduling of Classes for the 2019-20 School Year

We are now beginning the next step in building your schedule for next year. Please come to the Double R's during lunch and before or after school Thursday, April 18th or Friday, April 19th to pick up your list of requested classes and a Schedule Planning Worksheet. The list of courses include Required, Requested and Alternates. Requested courses were entered by students as well as their Alternates. Required courses were entered by counselors because the student showed interest in the course via survey or conversation or the Required courses are the second half of a course (ie. Drawing 2 may be listed as Required but Drawing 1 is listed as a Request. The Drawing 2 was not entered by the student, so the counselor added it.) Students should look at the Required and Requested when designing their schedules. 

Use the master schedule linked here: 2019-20 MASTER SCHEDULE for STUDENTS to see when the classes on your list are offered.  On the worksheet design your schedule based on when classes are offered and bring your plan to your appointment with your counselor. The master schedule is still going through some changes, so check it before your appointment to make sure that changes don't impact your plan. Having an alternate plan is highly recommended. When creating your schedule follow the rules below: 

  • Next year's sophomore are required to have 7 classes unless they have 95% attendance and are on track to graduate. 
  • Next year's juniors and seniors need at least 5 classes.
  • Students cannot have 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th periods off unless they have a Pickens class or take classes in the AM or PM at CCA. 

Appointment times will be posted by the Double R's and are linked here: Scheduled Appointments to Meet with Counselors. Students will not receive a pass to come to their appointments. They need to look at the spreadsheet to find their assigned time. Teachers have access to the list of appointment times and can reference it if needed. All Appointments are held in the College and Career Center which is in the Counseling Office. They have been assigned based on attendance. Six students are assigned to every half hour block of time, so make sure you arrive at your assigned time. Come prepared, because you will have only 5 minutes with your counselor. If you do not have a preference for when you have your classes, you may either skip your appointment or let your counselor know at your appointment. Makeup appointments will be held on in the afternoon of the second day of a grade level or on Wednesday, May 1st. In order to schedule a makeup appointment students need to contact their counselor. Makeup appointments will be for students with excused absences only

**Please note that there is a possibility that your schedule may change after your appointment if there are changes to the master schedule or if you do not qualify for a class that is on your schedule (ie. You don't earn a qualifying test score needed to take a CCA class).**