Extended Break Breakfast & Lunch Program

During the extended Spring Break, Aurora Public Schools will be distributing FREE breakfast and lunch. These meals will be provided on weekdays starting tomorrow through Friday and then again next week Monday through Friday at 15 locations to ALL children 18 and under. Both meals, which include vegetarian options, will be available together for pickup through a grab-and-go system.

Meals will be available starting tomorrow through Friday and then again next week Monday through Friday at the following locations and times. APS is providing meals at as many locations as possible to reduce travel distances for families. You will notice that the windows for meal pick up are 25 minutes long. Although this may seem short, we believe this window will allow us to provide for a grab-and-go system while also helping us maximize the number of pick-up locations and serve the highest number of families throughout the district

Please note the starting time for the location that is nearest to your home. Here is a map of the meal distribution sites in Aurora.

If APS extends Spring Break past March 27, the district will communicate the plans for providing meals at that time. APS will continue to communicate via phone calls, emails and our website at aurorak12.org

Aurora Hills Middle School | 10:25-10:50AM
1009 S. Uvalda St, Aurora, CO 80012 

Kenton Elementary School | 11:45AM-12:10PM
1255 Kenton St, Aurora, CO 80010

Clyde Miller P-8 | 11:45AM-12:10PM
1701 España St, Aurora, CO 80011

Laredo Elementary School | 11:05-11:30AM
1350 Laredo St, Aurora, CO 80011

Crawford Elementary School | 11:05-11:30AM
1600 Florence St, Aurora, CO 80010

Edna & John W. Mosley P-8 | 10:25-10:50AM
55 N. Salida Way, Aurora, CO 80011

Dalton Elementary School | 11:45AM-12:10PM
17401 E. Dartmouth Ave, Aurora, CO 80013

North Middle School | 10:25-10:50AM
12095 E. Montview Blvd, Aurora, CO 80010

East Middle School | 12:25-12:50PM
1275 Fraser St, Aurora, CO 80011

Sable Elementary School | 11:45AM-12:10PM
2601 Sable Blvd, Aurora, CO 80011

Fulton Academy of Excellence 12:25-12:50PM 
755 Fulton St, Aurora, CO 80010

Tierra Park | 11:05-11:30AM
14700 E. Jewell Ave, Aurora, CO 80012

Hillcrest Village RV Resort | 11:05-11:30AM
1600 Sable Blvd, Aurora, CO 80011

Wheel Park | 12:25-12:50PM
2465 S. Chambers Rd, Aurora, CO 80010

Town Center at Aurora (Outside the Food Court) | 10:25-10:50AM
14200 E. Alameda Ave., Aurora, CO 80012



In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. For more information, click here.

In addition, the statewide Food Resource Hotline is a bilingual toll-free number that connects Coloradans to needed food and nutrition resources. Call the bilingual Food Resource Hotline at 720-382-2920. It is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Messages left after-hours or on a weekend will be returned the next business day. (If you are hearing impaired, call Relay Colorado at 7-1-1 or 1-800-659-2656.)

We have also developed a real-time fact sheet that we will continue to keep updated. You may access this communication by clicking on the COVID-19 banner on our website at aurorak12.org

I appreciate all of your patience and understanding throughout the past few weeks. In times like these, it is critical for each of us to do our part in taking care of ourselves, our families and our community. The collective strength of the APS community inspires me every day and I am grateful to be part of it. 

Superintendent Rico Munn