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Black Education Impact Conference 2019

The Black Education Impact Conference, an event designed to bring attention to Colorado’s educational culture gap and to encourage group and individual ownership of our youth’s education and development. Colorado youth from a variety of high schools including Rangeview, were in attendance, as well as parents and community members.

The conference provided an opportunity for interaction and discussion to:

  • Elevate proven best practices associated with enhancing Colorado’s African American/Black youth’s educational experiences
  • Build a network of support for our youth’s success
  • Engage students, families, educators, and administrators
  • Expose the black community to scholarship and funding resources


Hurricane Harvey Drive

If you have some slightly used Rangeview Gear or even new Rangeview Gear that you would like to donate to High Tower High School, please bring to Rm. 245B, Mrs. Walsh.  We would like to make a personal connection with this high school that was devastated by Hurricane Harvey and let them know that Raiders are always willing to help.  We are still collecting school supplies and/or Cash for Hightower through next Wednesday.

Thanks for being such amazing RAIDERS!

Colorado’s Student Media Reporter of the Year

Congratulations to The Raider Review staff for earning the most awards of any student media website in the state, hauling in a record 18 statewide awards from the Colorado Student Media Association, including nine first-place awards, by far its most ever.  Competing at the highest level in the state, Jacob Stockinger won first place for video commentary, Savannah Lyman won first place for feature writing, Jaylen Dunbar won first place for in-depth video news and video news writing, Jorion Marshall won first place for broadcast personality and video feature writing. Hannah Metzger won first place for in-depth news writing, Chris Arias won for best opinion column of the year, and Alivia Lee was named the best opinion columnist in the state. Hannah Metzger was also named reporter of the year in the state. Go to to read all of their award-winning work and to keep up on everything Rangeview.   


Congratulations to The Rangeview Raider Review’s senior Hannah Metzger for being named Colorado’s Student Media Reporter of the Year by the Colorado Student Media Association. This is a statewide award, and it is very prestigious. To read Hannah’s portfolio and more about the award and what comes with it, click on the following link. You can also go to to read all of the Review’s award-winning work.

Hannah Metzger

Hannah Metzger

Geography – City Planning

Students are learning about urbanization and city planning, including how cities impact the environment, and the desirability of various city buildings and open spaces.  Students are also learning about spatial awareness as well as concepts such as infill , urban sprawl, and sustainability.  By creating these models, students can explore many real-world problems such as transportation, waste disposal, energy generation and energy alternatives, and the balance between recreation spaces, commercial districts, and residential zones.

Rangeview World Travelers

Italy - Spring Break 2017

Rangeview students in conjunction with South High School in DPS went to Italy over Spring Break 2017 and visited Milan, Venice, Verona, Florence, Assisi, Rome, Sorrento, Capri and Pompeii. Over all 28 students, 12 from Rangeview, and 11 adults, 9 from Rangeview, enjoyed all the Italy had to offer. Below is a picture of our group in the center square of Pompeii.


German Exchange - Summer 2017

In June 2017,  11 students and 2 teachers will travel to Sasbach Germany to complete an exchange with the Heimschule Lender. The students from Germany visited last November and stayed in homes for three weeks. RHS students will spend 3 weeks in German homes with their exchange partner. While the students from Germany here we visited Mesa Verde, Garden of the Gods, the State Capitol, and Colorado History Museum. In Germany the students will spend three days in historic Berlin and travel the town of Sasbach in the Black Forest. Students will also spend time visiting Strasbourg, France, Austria, and Switzerland near the Bodensee. There is still an opportunity to assist the students raise money for the trip through a GoFundMe Account - 


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