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Stellar Xplorers is a national space competition for high school students. Our teams compete on Air Force Association developed real-world scenarios that give our students the opportunity to learn about space exploration, satellite surveillance, launch vehicles, and engineering principles associated with space exploration and orbital mechanics.

Our goal is to expose our students to the space industry and give them opportunities to learn what skills are required for studies in Aerospace engineering.

Students compete nationally in three qualification rounds where the top finalists are selected for an all-expense paid trip to Colorado Springs and the Space Symposium in April. Students will compete in a final national championship.

Rangeview participated in the first ever Stellar Xplorers competition in 2014-15 and won 1st place in the National Finals. Rangeview then participated in the second year competition (2015-16) and finish 3rd place nationally. Now, Rangeview has two teams that are hoping to compete in the finals this year, 2016-17.

The teams consist of 3-6 students that work six hours at a time on computers using industry standard STK11 software that simulates satellite orbital motion and gives students the opportunity to define their own orbital parameters.


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