How can the RHS Counseling Department help?

  • RHS counselors are available to talk about social, emotional, career and academic issues. Depending on the issue, you may be advised to make an appointment. 
  • What if it is personal? If you need to talk to someone as soon as possible about a personal issue, let the counseling secretary know that “it is personal” and that you need to talk to a counselor as soon as possible.  There is always a counselor on duty, or “Counselor of the Day” who is available for emergencies.
  • Mediation – Sometimes students need an adult to help them have a productive conversation. Counselors have a lot of experience with facilitating tough conversations.
  • My problems extend to my family – Counselors are very aware of the resources available for students and families. If you or your family is struggling, whether emotionally or with a family matter, we can connect you to resources in the community.   Some of those outside resources are available at RHS.
  • ICAP – The state of Colorado requires that every student has an Individual Career and Academic Plan. Counselors can help with ICAP tasks and activities.  Students and parents are welcome to come to the Post-Grad Center on Wednesdays to get help with college, career, scholarships or anything post-secondary readiness related.

Who is my counselor?  Students are welcome to talk to any counselor they feel comfortable with.  Your assigned counselor is for academic issues.


Age Verification - Complete form in Adobe Acrobat Reader and print out and bring to Counseling Secretary for completion.

Kyle Hirsch

Teresa Simoneau

Linda Moriarity

Joe Eck

  • Phone: 303-326-1801
  • APS extension: 27655
  • Counselor for students with last names from N - Sa

Arlene Lanier

  • Phone: 303-326-1924
  • APS extension: 27641
  • Counselor for students with last names from Sb - Z

Social Worker

Katia Duncan

Sayrd Benison


Counseling Secretary

Brook Knower


Michael Lubet  

Aurora Mental Health

Laurel Story