ID’s Must Be Worn At All Times

For the safety and security of all at Rangeview, all staff and students must wear their school IDs at all times while on the Rangeview campus.  If a student loses or forgets their ID, they must purchase a new ID for $5.00 through the bookkeeper and attendance office.

APS middle and high school students are required to wear identification badges on school property during school hours. Please click here to read the complete Board of Education policy on staff and student identification procedures. 

Picture Day Make-up – Sept. 16, 2019

Picture re-takes are in the Community Conference Room on Monday, September 16th.  If students want a picture re-take, please go the main office up until Monday to set up an appointment time.  You may order your packages from the link below or from the forms located in the main office.


Senior Pictures & Baby Ads

Rangeview High School Yearbook    

Dear 2020 Seniors,

Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far. Senior year is a huge milestone and the Yearbook Staff wants to make it as easy as possible to commemorate this important year. Please feel free to contact the staff with any questions by sending an email to Senior portraits are put in place of Infinite Campus pictures. If you do not turn in a senior portrait, your ID picture will be used. When turning in your senior portrait, please make sure you meet the listed specifications. If you are not in contact with a photography company, below is a list of those we recommend: 


  1. Kerkhoff Photography 
  2. Student Pics of Colorado 303-903-1627 
  3. Champion Productions 303-942-0892 
  4. Monty Nuss Photography 303-798-8229 
  5. Elemintal Photography 303-324-7236 
  6. Or any of the Rangeview Yearbook team (contact them personally for more information)

All senior portraits and $10 senior fee are due by November 1st at 3:21 PM to 

Anna Gebhardt’s email or the yearbook email.

All fees should be paid to the RHS Bookkeeper. 

Full Packet - Click here