National Letter Intent Day

Congrats to these athletes and their coaches for singing a National Letters of Intent this spring

Student Athlete


College or University 

Christopher Speller

Men's Basketball

Colorado Mesa University

Spencer Ohu


Western Nebraska

Nick Green


Concordia University (WI)

T’airra Champliss

Women's Basketball

Carleton College (MN)

Obi Agbim

Men's Basketball

Metro St College of Denver

Jacqui Lee Ricks


Adams State University (CO)

Remote Learning Schedule

Attention students and families: Below is the Remote Learning schedule. Please contact your teachers for the exact time of their availability. Times may vary as needed by the teachers. Counselors and credit recovery are available everyday. If you have any questions please contact your teacher or counselor.


  • Counselors 8 AM to 12 PM or as needed (See post below)
  • Credit Recovery - Shanelle Robinson 9AM to 3 PM


Teacher day

  • Weekly PLC Meetings
  • Department Meetings
  • Teacher Planning
  • Teacher Feedback
  • Edgenuity Monitoring
  • Performance Task Monitoring 
  • Communication with families*


Math, Social. Studies, Performing Arts, Art, ESS, ELD


Science, English, P.E., World Languages, Business, STEM, ESS as needed


Math, Social. Studies, Performing Arts, Art, ESS, ELD


Science, English, P.E., World Languages, Business, STEM, ESS as needed


Below is a select list of websites from our staff to help students maintain their skills. This list is not comprehensive and students can feel free to reach out to their teachers. Some may not be available so have patience. Students can also check in on Google classroom for any resources their teachers may post. Please be careful to not sign up for a lot of sites who say they can "fill in." Often those sites offer a free trial period and then become a paid account. 

Internet Essentials program for possible reduced costs for internet access. Click here to see if you qualify.

If you want to apply for Internet Essentials over the phone please call 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376).

This chart is unfinished. We are adding more to it in the next couple of days.

Language Arts





World Languages

Computer Science


PE - The Body Coach You Tube Channel




SAT Prep / AP Courses

Social Studies

Performing Arts

General Links with broad content.

Khan Academy

YouTube Learning

MIT OpenCourseWare

Albert- is free during this time but may not be later


CDE Resources


Accessing Your Counselor

Rangeview counselors are available to support students during the next several weeks. You are always welcome to email your counselor with any questions you have. If you would like to make a brief appointment to virtually meet with your counselor(Google Hangout/Chat), please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link to access your counselor’s appointment calendar.
  2. Click on your desired appointment time.
  3. In the “What” box please indicate if the appointment is for Academic (credits, grades, etc), Career/College, or Social/Emotional.
  4. In the “Where” box please indicate how you would like to communicate with your counselor during the meeting a) email, b) chat through Google Hangout (no video) or c) Google Hangout Meet video meeting.
  5. If your meeting is regarding Academics or Career/College, in the “Description” box please write a brief description about what you would like to talk about. Ex: “I am off track and want to know what classes I need to take through Edgenuity.” 
  6. Click on “Save”.
  7. If you request an email meeting, your counselor will email you at the start of the meeting. 
  8. If you request a chat through Google Hangout a chat request can be accessed through your school email. The request notification will appear to the left of your inbox below your email folders. Please access the chat request at the time of your appointment.
  9. If you request a video meeting through Google Hangout Meet, an invite with the Google Hangout Meet link will be sent to your address. Please click on the link at the time of the meeting.

Counselors’ Contact Information


Adam Abraham

12th Grade Students with last names from A-C  

9th - 11th Grade Students with last names from A-Cd

Mr. Abraham's Appointment Calendar

Teresa Simoneau

12th Grade Students with last names from D - H  9th - 11th Grade Students with last names from Ce-Gn

Mrs. Simoneau's Appointment Calendar

Linda Moriarity

12th Grade Students with last names from I - M 

9th - 11th GradeStudents with last names from Go-Lh

Mrs. Moriarity's Appointment Calendar

Joe Eck 

12th Grade Students with last names from N - Sa 

9th - 11th GradeStudents with last names from Li-O

Mr. Eck's Appointment Calendar

Diana Chiu

9th - 11th Grade Students with last names from P-Sh

Ms. Chiu's Appointment Calendar

Arlene Lanier

12th Grade Students with last names from Sb- Z   

9th - 11th Grade Students with last names from Si-Z

Mrs. Lanier's Appointment Calendar

Katie Larson

Counseling Intern

Shauna Meyer

College and Career Coordinator

Hana Asmamaw

Graduation Coach

Basketball All State Teams

Congratulations to Colorado All State Basketball team. Congratulations also to Coach Shawn Palmer chosen as 5A Coach of the Year. For Complete article click here.

  • First Team:  Obi Agbim
  • Second Team: Christopher Speller
  • Honorable Mention: Cade Palmer & Christian Speller

Daniels Scholars for 2020

Congratulations to Nathan Berhe and Tyler Curnow for receiving the prestigious scholarship. Tyler will be attending the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Nathan Berhe

Tyler Curnow

Last Chance for a Device

Haven't picked up a tech device for remote learning yet? We have scheduled an additional time to pick up a tech device for your child OR to replace a device that's not working! This is the last opportunity to pick up a device. Visit