Non-Excused Absences While on Campus

Once students have arrived on campus, they are expected to be in their scheduled class.  If students are absent from class and are on campus, they will be considered TRUANT.  Only a school administrator, counselor, or the nurse can excuse the absence.

The library staff is noticing students arriving in the library stating that they are 'excused'. Some students are going to the library to finish homework from that class or for another period. As per policy, parents may not excuse students to miss class and remain on campus.  Students found in the library, missing class, will be escorted to class and will be marked as tardy or unexcused absent depending on the time of arrival.

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About the Management of Asthma, Food Allergy, and Anaphylaxis
In Aurora Public Schools

Any student with potentially life-threatening allergies should have a health care plan in place which addresses the use of emergency medications and other interventions to provide for safety.  The parent/guardian is expected to notify the school nurse or health paraprofessional of the condition and to provide the emergency medication (epinephrine or asthma inhaler) to the school unless there is a formal agreement with the nurse that the student will carry this medication. 

Training in the use of emergency medications will be provided by the school nurse for designated school staff. 

Specific authorization forms are available in every school’s health office upon request.  They require the signature of both the parent and medical provider. One form addresses the medical need for special meals; another is the Allergy and Anaphylaxis Action Plan. 

Please speak directly with the school nurse or health paraprofessional in your child’s school if this information pertains to your student.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Click the image above or use this link:

Infinite Campus Information for Parents

Infinite Campus is a district-wide student information system used to monitor and report on student's attendance, grades and test scores. Teachers use Infinite Campus every day to enter grades and attendance information.

Parents can use Infinite Campus to view information about their student provided they:

  • have a home computer with an Internet connection
  • are listed as the parent or legal guardian on the student's official records
  • have requested and received an Activation Code from the student's school or had an account created for them
  • have created a Parent Portal User Account or had one created for them

The security of your personal information (as outlined in the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act-FERPA) is not negotiable and is very important to Rangeview and APS. Therefore, we must verify the identity of parents and guardians face-to-face prior to releasing an Infinite Campus Activation Code or creating a parent account. To obtain a code, please stop by the RHS main office or visit the IC station during parent-teacher conferences. In order to protect student information, we cannot honor email requests for Infinite Campus accounts.

Click here for APS Guide to Infinite Campus

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