Attendance Information

  • English Attendance:  303-695-6848
  • Spanish Attendance - 303-695-6848 
  • Attendance fax – 303-326-1859
  • Attendance office hours – 7:00 am to 4:00pm

Attendance information: 

Absences and tardies must be called in within 24 hours.  We are permitted to make a change if a call is made within 48 hours.

The attendance office is open from 7:00-4:00, but calls may be left on the 24 hour attendance line at any time.  We do attempt to answer every call during school hours, but it is not always possible.  Please feel free to leave a message.

If you need to check out your student, please call the office and a pass will be sent to the student’s class to dismiss the student.  A 15-20 minute window is needed in order to send someone to pick up your student.  If your student is in gym or at lunch, more time is needed. 

If your student knows they need to leave, and that time is between classes, he/she can come to the attendance office to check out.  If it is during the middle of class, a pass must be sent to the classroom to dismiss the student.  Teachers do not allow a student to leave in the middle of class unless a pass is sent.  The student must then sign out in the attendance office in order for the absence to be excused as stated below. 

Only a person listed as a guardian in a student’s record may check a student out of school.  If a guardian is unable to check out the student, they may call the attendance office and give another person permission to check out the student.  A person listed as a contact is not always a guardian. 

Please note that tardies are normally only excused if the student has a doctor’s appointment and provides a doctor’s note for that appointment.  Occasionally, other reasons are excused, but as stated below:  Students are expected to be in class on time, prepared to begin work when the bell rings.

As stated on page 21-22 of our school handbook:




The following absences will be considered excused: 1) Illness/injury documented by the student’s parent/guardian.
2) Appointments/serious circumstances which cannot be resolved before or after school hours. To the extent possible, the parent/guardian is encouraged to notify the school in advance.
3) A student’s request to participate in extracurricular experiences outside of the school building may be approved for up to five days under certain circumstances and on a case-by-case basis.
4) A student’s parent/guardian may request approval for an excused absence to attend to family business/family vacation (e.g. wedding, family trip). This excused absence is not to exceed three days per year and student must be in good academic standing (passing all classes), no unexcused absences, and have four or fewer excused absences in a semester.
5) A student’s parent/guardian may request approval for an absence to be excused to attend a funeral. This absence shall not exceed three days. Approval shall be left to the discretion of the building administration.
6) After three days of consecutive excused absences or in the case of excessive absences, a medical note may be required.

Absences due to suspension are considered to be excused for the purposes of truancy.



Once students have arrived on campus, they are expected to be at their scheduled class. If students are absent from class and are on campus, they will be considered truant. Only a school administrator, counselor or the nurse can excuse the absence. This procedure ensures school officials and the parent of the student's whereabouts, makes for good communication with staff and parents and ensures the safety of the student.



1) Students will be considered truant or un-excused if they are absent from class without the prior knowledge and approval of their parent or guardian.
2) Students will also be considered truant if they leave school grounds without signing out and without the attendance office being notified by a parent BEFORE the student leaves.
3) Students who leave class without the teacher's permission will be considered truant.
4) Absences not excused by a parent or guardian before end of business the day following the absence will be considered unexcused. Only one call per parent each year will be accepted beyond this deadline.

A court petition may be filed when the student has been deemed to be habitually truant and when interventions have been unsuccessful at changing the student’s behavior. A judicial officer will take action as he/she deems appropriate.



Students are expected to be in class on time, prepared to begin work when the bell rings. Students who arrive late will be marked tardy in the teacher grade book and in Infinite Campus. Students who arrive during the first half of the period will be marked tardy. Students who miss more than half of the period will be marked absent. A parent must contact the attendance office to excuse a tardy. The following interventions have been designed to prohibit habitual tardiness:
1. Many teachers have their own tardy policies and will give consequences of their own to students. If a student does not serve the consequences which the teacher assigned them, the student should be referred to a Dean and will then be assigned a consequence.
2. If a student has five tardies in one class, the teacher has the option to refer the student to a Dean and that student will then be assigned a consequence including after-school detention, Saturday School, and/or restricted lunch. If the student does not attend the assigned consequence, the student will be suspended.
3. If the student accumulates five additional tardies in a class, the teacher has the option to again refer the student to a Dean and will then repeat the assigned consequence.
4. If the student has a third referral for tardies in any one class, that student will be assigned to in-house detention until a parent conference is held.
5. Students who accumulate 30 tardies in one quarter will be placed on the no privilege list and will not be admitted to any extra-curricular school activities.

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