Alphabetic Staff List

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Abraham, Adam RHS Academy 303-326-3072
Metropolitan State University
Alconcel, Brandon 

Social Studies 303-326-3179
Colorado State University
Allen, Maureen Attendance Office 303-326-2000 ext 27609

Allen, Robin Math 303-326-3878
University of Northern Colorado
Anderson, Brian  Social Studies 303-326-4247
Rowan University
Anderson-Barr, Kaily Language Arts 303-326-3841
Colorado State University
Anderson, Terry Dean of Students 303-695-6848
Bethune Cookman
Benison, Sayrd Social Worker 303-326-2000 ext 27640
University of Colorado - Denver
Bible, Everett PE 303-326-3479
University of Northern Colorado
Bill, Sara Language Arts 303-326-3688
Bird, Adam Science 303-326-3897
University of Colorado - Denver
Boyd, DeLisha Dean 303-695-6848

Boyle, Michael Math 303-326-4139
Colorado State University
Bradford, Melissa World Languages 303-326-4326
University of Northern Colorado
Brady, Emily Science 303-326-3739
University of Vermont
Braziel, Kim Math  303-326-2694
University of Colorado - Boulder
Brecht, Amanda Math 303-695-6848

Brecht, Auston Language Arts / Leadership 303-695-6848

Bristol, Robyn Social Studies 303-326-4330
University of Colorado - Boulder
Brown, Tom STEM / Science 303-326-3866
Budny, Jill Student Services 303-326-4934
Ball State University
Buttshaw, Becky Bookkeeper 303-326-1851 ext. 276200

Carabello, Zeb Teaching Partner 303-326-4522
Colorado State University
Carrillo, Alejandra 
Language Arts 303-326-2552
Cal. State - Northridge
Carhart, Chris  PE 303-326-3673
Causey, Jeanette Science 303-326-4427
Regis University
Ceyrolles, Erica Students Services 303-326-3570
Colorado State University
Chiu, Diana Counseling 303-326-1801
James Madison University
Cram, Zachary  Math 303-326-4354
Western Governors University
Crispin, Melissa Math 303-326-3752
Cron, Steve PE 303-326-4466
South Dakota State University
Cruz Ortiz, Esmeralda World Languages 303-695-6848

Csehi, Vonnie Dean of Students 303-695-6848
University of Texas-El Paso
Curtis Basham, Carmen Math 303-326-4812
Carleton College


Dean, Ashley Math 303-326-4083
Northern Arizona University
Dean-Hoy, Lillie Testing Coordinator 303-326-2000 ext 27632
Despain, Christina World Language 303-326-3862
Universidad Catolica de Montevideo
University of Northern Colorado
Devlin, Holly

Ed. Asst. Media Center 303-326-2000 ext 27666
Occidental College
Dinkle, Eric Student Services 303-695-6848
Duncan, Katia Social Worker 303-326-2000 ext 27638
University of Denver
Dunson, Verchella Student Services Para 303-695-6848
Dyson, Kimberly ELA - Ed Assistant 303-695-6848
Dziurgot, Mike
School Resource Officer - APD 303-326-2000 ext: 27618
Eck, Joe Counseling 303-326-1801
University of Illinois - Springfield
Egloff, Bruce Campus Monitor 303-695-6848
Egloff, Steve Campus Monitor  303-326-4854
Elbin, Philip Math 303-695-6848

Elliott, Todd Student Services 303-326-2768
Colorado State University
Evans, Shanna Business 303-326-2587
University of Central Missouri
Fox, Leslie Language Arts 303-326-3858
Regis University
Friend, Shawnee Science 303-326-3451
University of Northern Colorado
Garred, Truman Student Services 303-326-4029
Colorado State University
Gasior, Sarah Language Arts 303-326-2593
Ohio State University
Gebhardt, Anna

Language Arts  303-326-4776
University of Denver
Gerace, Doug

Math 303-326-4102
University of Nebraska
Gerard, Peter Math 303-326-3043
Metropolitan State University
Gilliam, Larrell Ed. Assistant
Student Services
Gonzales, Lenore Main Office 303-695-6848

Gonzalez, Enrique Case Manager 303-326-2000 ext 26988
Colorado State University - Pueblo
Gradiska, Valerie Campus Monitor 303-695-6848

Gregory, Randal Instrumental Music 303-326-3884
University of Northern Colorado
Grosz, Lisa Principal 303-695-6848
University of Northern Colorado
Gruber, Jena 

World Languages 303-326-3667
University of Iowa
Hafner, Casey Social Studies 303-326-2862
University of Northern Colorado
Haislet, Matt Performing Arts 303-326-2404
Adams State University
Hamilton, Mike Social Studies 303-326-3363
University of Nebraska - Kearney
Hickox, Don School Resource Officer - APD 303-326-2000 ext: 27627

Hoffer, Cheri Scheduling / IC Technician 303-326-1853

Hunter, Mark Head Custodian 303-326-5297



Jackson, Brittany  Science 303-6326-2148
Paine College
Jaiyesimi, RyAnn Admin TOSA 303-695-6848
University of Illinois - Urbana
Jenkinson, Brooke Art 303-695-6848
Montclair State University
Johnson, DeeAnna Cafeteria Manager 303-326-2000 ext 27606

Joiner, Steve

Math 303-326-4627
University of Colorado - Boulder
Kay, Savannah  World Languages 303-326-3497
University of Alabama - Birmingham
Keldsen, Michael World Languages 303-695-6848
Colorado Mesa University
Kelley, Heidi Athletic Trainer 303-326-1999
University of Denver
Kintz, Larry Science 303-326-3896
Metropolitan State University
Kiss, James

Science 303-326-3661
Metropolitan State University
Knower, Brook Counseling Secretary 303-326-1857
Laguana, James

Vocal Music 303-326-3960
University of Northern Colorado
Lanier, Arlene

Counselor 303-326-1924
Metropolitan State University
LaRowe, Brook Student Services 303-695-6848
University of Northern Colorado
Lopez, Belinda Student Services 303-326-3547
University of Northern Colorado
Lubet, Michael

Psychologist 303-326-2000 ext 27654
University of Colorado - Denver
Lysaght, Ian Student Services 303-695-6848
Metropolitan State University
Madera, Vanessa Case Manager 303-326-2000 ext 27694
Mancinelli, Victoria

Affective Needs Para 303-695-6848
University of South Florida
Maes, Alison

Art  303-326-4644
Michigan State University
Marshall, Terri Athletics Secretary 303-326-2000 ext. 27629
Martin, Haley Student Services Para 303-695-6848

Maslanik, Anne

Language Arts  303-326-4057
University of Northern Colorado
McCutcheon, Deselle   Registrar/Records 303-326-1853
Melendez, Jose Social Studies 303-326-4989
Northwest Nazarene University 
Meyer, Shauna College & Career Center 303-695-6848
Mills, Dawn

Student Services 303-326-4563
University of Northern Colorado
Mills, Randy

STEM / Technology

303-326-2000 ext 26917
University of Northern Colorado
Mireles, Kasi Social Studies 303-326-4920
Molosky, Samantha Science 303-695-6848
Cal Poly - Pomona
Moreno, Jennifer

ELA/Language Arts 303-326-3781
University of Nebraska - Kearney
Moriarity, Linda

Counselor 303-326-1805
New Mexico State University



Navarre, Davin Language Arts 303-695-6848
Southeastern Louisiana University
Nkwelle, Lucas Science 303-695-6848
University of Yaoundé I 
Oulman, Jason

Language Arts 303-326-2730
University of Wyoming
Palmer, Shawn

Math 303-326-3064
University of Northwestern -St. Paul
Pickelsimer, Bree Language Arts 303-695-6848
Kennesaw State University
Pierce, Anna Science 303-326-2525
Central College
Pipkin, Izabella Science 303-695-6848
University of Colorado - Boulder
Petry, Bill

STEM/College Prep 303-326-3418
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Pratarelli, Eve
Language Arts 303-326-2901
Binghamton University
Quintero, Melissa Student Services Para 303-695-6848
Rahn, Jennifer Assistant Principal 303-326-4814
Metropolitan State University
Ramthun, David PE 303-326-4311
University of Northern Iowa
Reyes, Melissa Science 303-326-3726
Colorado State University-Pueblo
Riggins, Kyle Art 303-326-4489
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design
Rivera, Joe Student Services Para 303-695-6848
Romero, Thor Student Services 303-326-2882
Ryan, Jacque Art 303-326-3277
University of Northern Colorado
Sandoval, Michelle Main Office - Substitutes 303-326-2000 Ext 27602

Sandt, Patrick Social Studies 303-326-3389
Colorado State University
Schaa, Geraldine Student Services Para 303-695-6848

Shouldice, Mark STEM 303-695-6848
Southwest Baptist University
Siebenthal, Kurt Social Studies
World Languages
Oregon State University
Simoneau, Teresa Counseling 303-326-2000 ext 27642
Singleton, Amy McKinney-Vento Advocate 303-695-6848

Silva, Patricia Attendance Office 303-695-6848

Siverson, Olaf Math 303-695-6848
St. Olaf College
Sladek, Ryan TOSA - Dean  303-695-6848
University of Iowa
Smed, Paul Science 303-695-6848
Iowa State University
Smick, Dan
School Resource Officer - APD 303-326-2000 ext: 27627
Snyder, Scott Social Studies  303-326-4462
Southern Methodist University
Sobolewski, Jon Language Arts 303-326-4157
University of Pittsburgh
Spriggs, Rick  Case Manager 303-326-2000 Ext 27645
Stiles, Kelly Gifted & Talented Coordinator 303-326-4997
University of Northern Colorado
Story, Laurel Aurora Mental Health 303-695-6848
University of Denver
Strouse, Tammy Assistant Principal 303-326-3854
Eastern New Mexico University
Strouse, Vic Social Studies 303-695-6848
University of Northern Colorado



Taylor, Marisa Aurora Mental Health 303-617-2788

Taylor, Monique  Social Studies 303-326-3139

Termeer, Katie Performing Arts 303-326-2399
University of Colorado - Denver
Thaanum, Samantha Math 303-695-6848

Totman, Michelle Math 303-326-3874
Southern Methodist University
Trautenberg, Nathan Science 303-326-4956
Northwestern University
Trimbath, Sonya PE / Health 303-326-4570
Coastal Carolina University
Tucker, Caleb Assistant Principal 303-695-6848
Fort Lewis College
Velander, Emilee World Languages 303-326-4735
Luther College
Walsh, Stephanie Social Studies 303-326-3110
University of Colorado - Denver
Warner, Kaly Student Services 303-326-4774
University of Colorado - Boulder
Weber, Dawn Language Arts 303-326-4156
Iowa State University
Wells, Jonathan Language Arts 303-326-4787
University of Colorado - Denver
Wells, Silvia Student Services Para 303-695-6848

Westerdale, Samantha Social Studies 303-326-3994
University of Colorado - Boulder
Wetzel, Cheryl Math 303-326-3375
Iowa State University
White, Mercedes Speech Pathologist 303-326-3421
Fort Hays State University
Wollbrinck, Tammy  Nurse 303-326-1850
Regis University
Wolfe, Anne Principal's Secretary 303-695-6848

Wright, Kevin Language Arts 303-695-6848
University of Northern Colorado
Yoder, Kendall Language Arts 303-326-2923
University of Northern Colorado
Yuknas, Jacque
Media Center 303-326-3795
University of Notre Dame