Start College at Rangeview High School-The Tuition is Free!

Qualified Rangeview High School students can earn high school and college credit at the same time through the Aurora Public Schools PACE Setter Program and the Community College of Aurora. Some courses are offered on the Rangeview campus and are taught by Rangeview teachers. Students may also attend regular college classes at the CentreTech or Lowry campus with other CCA students 

Classes at Rangeview High School with teachers who have met the qualifications to be faculty include:

  • Math 121
  • Accounting 121
  • CIS 118 & 161
  • Chemistry 112
  • Business 216
  • HIS 112

Department chairs at CCA have reviewed each course and textbook and have determined that the rigor, competencies and outcomes of the class meet the same standards as the same college class on CCA's campus. Students in those approved classes who meet CCA's requirements and prerequisites have the opportunity to enroll with CCA and get credit for the class. APS pays the tuition and supplies the books, so there is no cost to the student who successfully completes a class. 

Students Who Go to CCA

Many Rangeview High School students take classes at one of CCA's campuses. Those classes are nearly all general education classes that are guaranteed to transfer to other community colleges and public four-year colleges and universities in Colorado. Students must meet CCA's requirements and any prerequisites for the course, such as test scores in reading or math. APS pays the student share of tuition. Students are responsible for their own transportation, books and class materials.

For more information about how you can start to build an official college transcript that will lead to a college degree or certificate, contact your Rangeview counselor, the RHS Counseling Center, or Don Keeley, the APS PACE Setter Program Coordinator.

Rangeview/Gateway AFJROTC

an imageAFJROTC was officially chartered at Gateway High School and designated as CO-861, in Aurora, Colorado as part of the Aurora Public School System in July, 1986. The four-year program was established for male and female, freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students from Gateway and Rangeview High Schools. The unit is now one of 8 Air Force junior ROTC units in the state of Colorado, and one of 3 in the Denver area.


The Air Force charter for CO-861 (click the above image or here to visit their Web site), as it is for all AFJROTC units, is to build better citizens for America. Not conceived as a recruitment program, but rather as a citizenship program, the unit mission is to:


  • Educate and train high school students in citizenship
  • Promote community service
  • Instill responsibility, character and self-discipline
  • Provide instruction in air and space fundamentals

AFJROTC at Gateway High School is an elective course which, in addition to filling the official Air Force charter, seeks to teach leadership, teamwork, and self-discipline and also to instill the life skills of confidence, character, loyalty, integrity and personal accountability. These are essential elements of a capable, well-rounded individual, regardless of the path or career followed after high school. The Air Force provides, free of charge, the necessary uniforms, accessories, textbooks and other administrative support items necessary to operate each cadet unit. Cadets incur no service obligations as a result of enrolling in AFJROTC. Cadets may enroll or disenroll concurrent with the start or end of any semester.


Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Cell phones, iPods, CD/DVD players, electronic games, and other such distracting electronic devices may not be used in the building during the instructional day. Any staff member witnessing a student using any of the above devices in violation of the policy will confiscate the item and turn it into the deans’ office. The deans will return a confiscated electronic device to a parent. In order to be fair, consistent, and persistent, each of the APS High Schools will follow the same policy in regards to cell phones and electronic devices. Cell phones are not to be seen, heard, or used in any way inside the school during the instructional day from 7:30 am to 3:20 pm. This includes the use of any cell phone options such as cameras, PDAs, and calculators. Cell phones may be used outside the building. However, there will be consequences enforced if a student misses academic time due to cell phone use.


Electronics that are "receive only" devices such as iPods, MP3 players, PDAs, etc. will be allowed in the Commons and/or lunch area during the instructional day. Electronic devices used in instructional areas will be confiscated. The exception may be the library or study areas if specific permission has been granted. Electronic devices that disturb other students or staff will be confiscated. This policy does not define hallways; however, we have defined hallways as common and not academic. However, music that can be heard by others is considered a disturbance, and the device should be confiscated.