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Knowing how to do research well is an important skill for your career development. A successful student uses the Media Center resources often and learns to use them well.

How can you be successful doing research in the Media Center?

  1. Take responsibility for your assignment.  Plan ahead and know the deadlines required.
  2. Be sure you understand the assignment. Talk to your teacher more about it if you do not.
  3. Be prepared to work. Have your assignment sheet with you and have a good attitude about the task required.
  4. Understand the time commitment that good research requires and schedule accordingly.
  5. Develop a list of keywords for searches.
  6. Use technology responsibly and ethically. Do not plagiarize your work. Save your work in several places.
  7. Ask questions and seek help often from the Media Center staff.

Steps in the research process:

  1. Define your task and identify the information you need.
  2. Determine all possible sources of information and select the best ones.
  3. Locate the sources of information and find what you need within them.
  4. Extract the most relevant information for your assignment.
  5. Organize and decide how to best present your information you have found.
  6. Evaluate your final product before you submit it.

The Academic Research Guide is your complete reference for creating a high-quality research product. Read it and refer to it often.

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