This is 40!

Events for the 40th Anniversary Celebration

Aug 9th: Back to School/Birthday Party Celebration/Breakfast

August 11th: Stakeholder Social Evening Event

Sept 14th : RHS Community Parade

Sept 15th: RHS Pep Rally

Sept 15th: Football Game at APS Stadium (Hinkley High School)

Sept 15th: Singles Mixer (Following the football game)

Sept 16th: Group Get Togethers (By class, clubs etc.)

Sept 17th: Athletics Hall of Fame Ceremony

Sept 17th: BYO Picnic at RHS (Building Tours, Silent Auction, Class Competitions)

Sept 18th: 40th Anniversary Tailgate Party with Special Guests That Eighties Band (Building Tours, Silent Auction cont.)

Legends, Rumors, & Myths

The Swimming Pool

It has been rumored that if the pool were to be drained of water, RHS would slide down the hill toward Buckley Road.  Well...we've busted the myth. 

You may know that we have a massive leak in our pool.  The water has drained at roughly 6,500 gallons per day for the last several days.  This is what it looks like this morning.  The district is working with the gentleman who helped build RHS 40 years ago to determine what's happening and how best to fix it. 

Where is all the water going, you ask?  Who knows?  RyAnn and her Chemistry team have taken pool water samples.  As the snow melts, students will take water samples around the area to see if they can solve that mystery. - February 23, 2023

The White Dots

One of the great mysteries at Rangeview is the white dots on the walls on the first floor. Most people go through their entire 4 years as a student and don’t know they are even there. Many teachers that have been at Rangeview for many years don’t know they are there. Some have noticed but I suspect very very few know the purpose. I am now about to reveal a couple of secrets that are an important part of our history. When I started at Rangeview many years ago, there was a crack that ran the entire length of the commons from north to south. If you go into the commons today you will see a metal strip that covers that crack. The history of land for schools is codified into the Colorado laws. It states that developers have to donate a certain percentage of land for schools when they are developing large portions of land. The law does not say that the land has to be prime or even very useable. As a result, developers don’t normally give the best land for schools and often schools suffer from trying to build on land not suited for them. Rangeview is in the same boat. The land along “Rattlesnake Hill” has a lot of issues that caused a lot of creativity. The school district agreed to build the school thicker and more stable than was normally required. This is very evident if you try to get a cell signal in much of the building. This concession came with a few requirements. Because the land was difficult to build on and would likely have issues Rangeview agreed to regular inspections and measurements. We now come back to the white dots and the accompanying nail in the concrete very close. If you look closely at the dot, you will find a number. At regular intervals, APS is required to run GPS coordinates on these locations to determine how much the building has moved. - Randy Mills 

The Rangeview Rattlers!

There is a little-known story that we almost had the motto “Once a Rattler, Always a Rattler. Joe Burton was the original Athletic Director and really loved the idea of being the Rattlers. It just made since we were built on what was called Rattlesnake Hill. It was made evident when Joe was walking down the hallway by the gymnasium area and a baby rattler slithered across the hall. He did what any intelligent administrator did, avoided the thing, and was very careful going down that hall for a long time. I was able to snag some pictures of our original mascot for the Raiders and some from the Rattlers. I also captured a couple of other pictures of iconic things at Rangeview. Joe was never able to convince the principal but the Rattlers hold a special place in the heart of some of the original people at RHS. 

August 9, 2023 - Kick-off  Kickoff Event